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22 Jun 2023

Cricket Scotland is pleased to confirm the forthcoming release of its largest ever Survey, which will be launched on Thursday 22 June.


On Monday evening, regional CSCL representatives and Chairs were given a preview of the Survey during a meeting with Senior Leadership Team members of Cricket Scotland. The Survey consists of twenty-four questions and should take around 15-20 minutes to complete, with various options for extensive input, opinion, and suggestions. The deadline to complete the Survey is Thursday July 13.


The Survey has been created to ensure there is a shared vision around the future of cricket in Scotland. The publishing of last year’s “Changing The Boundaries” report, and the subsequent Governance Review, demonstrated that Cricket Scotland needs to change radically as an organisation. However, it is vitally important that it does so with consultation from its members, players, volunteers, and communities. The governing body exists to serve its people – it is vital that its people have a say and an influence in how their game is run.


We would encourage all clubs to notify their players, members, coaches, volunteers, parents of juniors and anyone else associated with cricket in Scotland about the Survey, and ask them to take time to complete it, as the results will form a central part of the governing body’s planning of a new strategy for the game. Cricket Scotland will also be publicising the Survey across its social media channels and in the media in the coming days.


The CS Survey is just the first part of a wider consultation with the sport. Once the results have been collected, Cricket Scotland will, with the assistance of the regions, organise a series of public consultation meetings across the country through August and September to discuss the Survey findings, and debate the way ahead. These meetings will be communicated well in advance of taking place, and they will be open forums that clubs, players, and volunteers can attend, and where they can ask questions of the Chief Executive and Senior Leadership Team. Only once these meetings have taken place can the governing body be able to create a firm strategy for the game in Scotland moving forward.



Your Opinion: the Future of Cricket in Scotland Survey (