Strathmore & Perthshire Cricket Union - PlayerReg

SPCU Player Registration

Player Registration has been agreed for the SPCU NE Championship. The five current CSL clubs who have XI's in SPCU will now be required to use PlayerReg. The five remaining clubs in the Division have agreed to use PlayerReg to assist the Competitions Committee with the management of the League. Photo's should be loaded at the earliest possible opportunity. PlayerReg is only applicable to the NE Championship and will not be used in the lower divisions.

All CSL clubs should continue to use the CSL Registration Form. SPCU Clubs are requested to use the following form.

In SPCU NE Championship matches, the team line generated by PlayerReg must be used.

Each club will require to register upto 3 Club Reps. Please do this by using the register function on the site. The instructions are straight forward to follow.

Umpiring appointments will be made using PlayerReg.

Questions / issues should be emailed to William Ferguson -